Creality sermoon V1 Pro
Creality sermoon V1 Pro
Creality sermoon V1 Pro

Creality sermoon V1 Pro

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Creality Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro, Leveling-free, Assembly-free, “Sprite” Direct Extruder, APP remote control & monitoring, the silent operation which noises are lower than 45dB, and the biggest print size is 175x175x165mm.

Product Features:

Factory-ready leveling and testing, all you need is to print out of box

Use the Creality Cloud APP to remotely operate and print, monitor the printing situation through the camera, everything is under control (*The monitoring camera is only available on the Pro version)

super silent fans, the 4-axis silent IC mainboard ensures no indoor disturbances during operation

Smart one-button controls enable automatic feed/ return, reducing the difficulty of manual operations and preventing blockages

The fully enclosed chassis is safe and stable and features a multi-faceted transparent visual design. Convenient to view at any time

The safety sensor is triggered as soon as the door is opened, pausing the printing process and quickly cooling down the device, safe for kids or pets (*This feature is only available on the Pro version)

The bendable metal magnetic platform provides highly stable printing, and easier to take out the mold

The exquisite and patented sprite direct drive with powerful energy and good quality prints

Convenient disassembly and assembly improves the efficiency of component replacement, facilitates nozzle maintenance, and improve your 3D printing success rate