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wiring diagram/Wiring connection for the mainboard

1, V1.1.4 mainboard wiring diagram/Wiring connection for Ender-3/3S/3pro/CR-10/Ender-5/5S/5Pro

wiring diagram/Wiring connection for Ender-3 V2

2, V4.22 and V4.27 mainboardwiring diagram/Wiring connection.

V4.22 and V4.2.7 mainboard 3D printer

 3, Ender-6 mainboard wiring diagram/Wiring connection

Ender-6 mainboard

4, CR-6 SE mainboard wiring diagram/Wiring connection 

CR-6 SE mainboard wiring diagram/Wiring connection

5, Sermoon D1 mainboard wiring diagram/Wiring connection 

Sermoon D1






  • Some colours for the wires would have been useful.

    Kenneth Parkyn
  • Thanks so much for sharing this! Very helpful.

  • Thanks for info


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