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How 3D printing changes traditional manufacturing industry?

In industry, 3D printing fixtures and fixtures are real heroes. In addition to being displayed in bright offices and exhibition halls, fixtures and fixtures are usually used in production lines. They are used to grasping, fixing, positioning, protecting and integrating all stages of the manufacturing process.

Fixtures and fixtures can't replace people, but they can make people work more easily and efficiently. These devices contribute to repeatability, quality, and time efficiency. Until now, many companies do not use tools or only use them in small-scale production, which is mainly due to the high cost of manufacturing and storage, resulting in the rise of overall production costs and the decline of corporate profits.

In any industry, it is necessary to rely on basic components such as clamps and fixtures to complete the work. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers use 3D printing technology to manufacture these important auxiliary tools, which greatly improves productivity and reduces cost.

It is a cost-effective way to produce fixtures and fixtures with 3D printers, which can shorten assembly time and reduce labor costs. In addition, on-demand fixture and fixture production eliminate the pre inventory demand. The digital list allows seamless updating and revision to keep the equipment in its proper state. 3D printing technology can also reduce the weight of fixtures and fixtures, as well as the overall complexity of the manufacturing process.

Other research shows that more than 60% of industrial applications of 3D printing involve fixtures and fixtures of 3D printing, which makes it more popular than simple rapid prototyping in product development.

With the rapid development of more and more industrial 3D printers and printing technology, this technology can now be used in various scale enterprises. The adoption of advanced technology can bring more competitive advantages, significantly increase the company's revenue, and save a lot of costs. All this is because the future of manufacturing is now.

3D printing only needs to input 3D image through control terminal, it can print raw materials into physical model, and even directly manufacture fixture and fixture, so as to effectively shorten the production cycle of products. The 3D printer of 3D production has been widely used in mold model design and other fields.


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