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Fashion3d 3D Printing free open lesson!

Hi everyone,
Thank you all for supporting Fashion3D in 2020! We are planning to set up few free lessons and offer to you and your friends.

The purpose of these lessons is helping people to understand 3D printing technology better.

The lesson will be 30mins and we will run it at Saturday (28/11/2020) 8:00PM. The first lesson will talk about how 3D printer works and some basic tips of using 3D printer. The lesson will cover some common issue such as block nozzle, bed leveling and changing filament.

If you are interested to join us please click link and fill the form. Link is attached below.

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  • I did not get the zoom details, I was expecting to get zoom details by today. I registered earlier this week.
    Sanjay (Melbourne)

    Sanjay Mistry

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