Fashion3d 2022 Jan New 3D printers, activities, plans, service and stock availability

3D Printer news:

  1. The most popular Anycubic large size Resin 3D printer, Photon Mono X 4K and Photon Mono X 6K is available in Australia today. Also, the most cost-effective Photon Mono has been upgraded to 4K. Currently Fashion3d has enough Anycubic resin printer in stock and can deliver the goods in the following working day after receiving the order.
  1. Elegoo, a new talent of resin 3D printer, which is leading the market in Europe and America. It’s well known by its good quality and industrial design. Now Elegoo has officially signed Fashon3d as the authorized direct agent in Australia. The first container of Elegoo Mars 3 has been delivered, and the co-branding machines for Fashion3d and Elegoo will be available the market at around March.
  1. 3D printing peripheral products “Creality 3D Scanner”, CR-Scan 01,  arrived with limited quantities, some sample test and scan services will be available next week.
  1. An enclosure structure demo laser cutting machine from Two trees arrived in our Braeside warehouse and sample service will be accepted next week. The machine is called TS3. This type of printer is a professional machine (not desktop) that is suitable for small business or personal use. 
  1. Many new and earlier Flashforge brand enclosure FDM machines will be arriving at the middle of February.
  1. Professional DLP 3D printer Demo machine from Rayshape 3D will arrive in the middle of February. Please send contact us if you want to visit or print samples.
  1. Professional 3D printer C4 from Flashforge will arrive in Australia in March.


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