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Elegoo saturn 2 Unboxing - Exploring Newest Resin printer

From the date of artcle published, Elegoo Saturn 2 has entered the Australian market for over 5 month now. Elegoo resin printers are known as most stable desktop range at a price below AU$2,000. And as a member of Fashion3D technical support team, I haven't recieved any negative feedback for Saturn 2 yet. 

Today, I decided to unbox a Saturn 2 and use it as a demo printer for our customer enquiries. I have recorded the unboxing process below. Hope this blog can help people that are still hesitating with their first resin printer.


1. Open the box

Elegoo Saturn 2 was well-packed with thick cardboard and foam. We can see there are fragile sign on top of the box. The label was sticked with the sticky tape to ensure that the package has never been opened before. 

2. Take out the power cable

Power supply has been marked as AU region. If you see other regions, please contact your distributor straight away. 

3. Check instruction paper and card

Instruction paper and card will be the second item you see once the box is open. It will ensure that customer doesn't get confused when unboxing.

4. Take out the 3D printer

There is another peice of plastic that protects the machine body from any water during shipping.


5. Open all other parts and accessories

If you are interested in the printing outcome for Elegoo Saturn 2, please leave a comment at the bottom. I will publish a new blog if needed.

I have attached link for Saturn 2 as below:


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