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Creality Ender-3/Pro notice from Fashion3d

Creality Ender-3/Pro Notice
Creality Ender-3 is the most popular 3D printer in the market. Its weight in 3D printer market is just like how AK-47 weight in assault rifle. It finds a perfect balance between price and quality. It can be upgraded in many different ways, such as changing mother board, adding BL-touch, adding run out detection module and changing stepper motor. Ender-3 gives you most space to upgrade the machine to a tool that suits you best.

Few things need to keep in mind:
1. Always run bed levelling after moving machine.
2. Put filament holder closer to extrude motor, so it will have smaller angel and less likely to break the filament.
3. If possible put a ball bearing on the side to help support filament extrude into the extruder end.
4. Add a 10°c or 15°c to your nozzle and your hotbed in winter.
5. Always cut filament and take out the rest of filament if not printing anything in the next 48 hours.
6. During the first set up, check the connection of all limit switches before Auto home or move the axis.
7. During the set-up, put your hand on the power switch in case if you need to cut the power to avoid any damage to your printer.
8. If the aluminium plate under the hotbed is not very flat and you require some accurate printing, it’s better to purchase a glass bed.
9. The best distance between bed and nozzle is when you put an A4 printing paper in between; you can feel some friction but won’t live any marks on the paper.
10. Do not try to disassemble the printer yourselves if you’re not very familiar with it. Fashion3d provide one year warranty to all customers!

Fashion3d Service Team

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