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Creality 3D Scanner Cr-Scan 01 Review



What is 3D scan?

3D scanner is a scientific instrument used to detect and analyze the shape (geometry) and appearance data (such as color, surface albedo and other properties) of objects or environments in the real world. The collected data is often used to perform three-dimensional reconstruction calculations, creating digital models of actual objects in the virtual world. These models have a wide range of applications, such as industrial design, defect detection, reverse engineering, robot guidance, geomorphology survey, medical information, biological information, criminal identification, digital heritage collection, film production, game creation materials and so on. There is no single technique to make a 3D scanner. Different reconstruction techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as their cost and price. There is no universal reconstruction technique, and instruments and methods are often limited by the surface characteristics of objects. For example, optical technology is not suitable for shiny (high albedo), mirror or translucent surfaces, while laser technology is not suitable for fragile or perishable surfaces.


What are the 3D scan technologies?

There are three different 3D scan methods: Contact scanning, Contactless active scan, Passive non-contact scanning. Cr-Scan 01 is using Coded structured light technology (CN103162643A).
It is a structured light 3D scanner with single camera and single projection. It adopts time-domain coded structured light technology to obtain raster fringe pattern, and analyzes the change of fringe curvature according to phase method and triangulation method to accurately calculate the corresponding spatial coordinate point information and texture RGB or BW information of each pixel on the object surface. The invention realizes the true portability of the scanner, which is a highly integrated device of "optical and electrical". How it works: Projection components will more groups of stripe light projected onto the object surface, the camera component film surface stripe pattern and the information transmitted to the main control board, main control board to transmit design information by the computer communication interface to the computer, the computer according to the phase method and triangulation resolution stripe curvature change, accurately calculate each pixel corresponding to the surface of the object space point coordinates and texture information, Finally, 3d (color) point cloud data of object surface can be obtained.


Cr-Scan 01 Test Run

We prepared two different models for 3D scan. They are an orange and a 3D printed fish.

There were some issue with the light in the room for the first scan. The light was too bright for the scanner to record the reflection from the object surface. So we set up a few boxes arround the model to reduce light.
We did 3 scans for the fish model. The process is very simple, user just need to change the model in three different angles and then clisk process for each angle. The scanner and turnable plate will automatically do the job for you. Here are some screen shot of the process. 
As shown in the images above, the details of the fish is recorded. The color of the surface is also recorded for OBJ files, which means user can edit it later by user MAYA or any other 3D editing software. It can also be saved as a stl file which can use for 3D printing. This software provide a choice of filling all the open holes which provent open mesh in  the model. 
However, futher test for more scaning  is required to test the limitation of the scanner. 
Overall, the scanner is very easy to use, and 3 scans will give it enough detail before further editing. Models came out from the software still need a bit editing or refine in other 3D editing software. But user can still use it for basic mock up, casting or reverse engineering. Comparing with those scanner that cost more than $10,000, Cr-Scan 01 is very cost effective. 
We will keep updating our test results, and bring more informations to our customers. 


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