ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X pro and Photon Ultra two hardcore brand-new 3D printers released! Anycubic’s surprise bomb at TCT Asia the first day

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X pro and Photon Ultra two hardcore brand-new 3D printers released! Anycubic’s surprise bomb at TCT Asia the first day

On May 26, 2021, the highly-anticipated TCT Asia was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. At this 3D printing innovation event with nearly 10,000 people attended, Anycubic finally revealed the two revolutionary 3D printing models. What’s more, there are other exciting activities such as keynote speech, 3D printing works display, and more interacting though online platforms.

Anycubic Photon Mono X pro

Now, let’s talk about Photon Mono X Pro and Photon Ultra, the two new 3D printing hardcore bombs.

Photon Mono X Pro


Photon Mono X Pro

Cloud platform, a refreshing intellectual experience

Continuing the innovative genes of Photon Mono, a popular series of products with over 80,000-unit shipments globally, Photon Mono X Pro has a comprehensive upgrade in size, accuracy, and speed. Photon Mono X Pro with a 9.25 inch 6K Monochrome screen is the world's first large-size Monochrome screen Resin 3D printer, with a molding accuracy of 30um. It is supplemented by a stable ball screw and an upgraded matrix light source 2.0, improving the printing accuracy. .


In the pursuit of intelligence, Photon Mono X Pro is another level forward. The smart cloud platform is equipped for the first time, coupled with high-performance mainboard, making 3D printing efficient and convenient; intelligent electronic detection plus automatic feeding helps to avoid printing failure due to insufficient resin; the detection function calculates the best printing parameters with different resins.

anycubic photon Mono X


Photon Ultra

Redefine consumer-level SLA 3D printers

Another star, the Photon Ultra 3D printer, is launched in collaboration with semiconductor manufacturing firm Texas Instruments (TI). Photon Ultra is a brand-new 3D printer that uses DLP technology. Its DLP system is reportedly far more efficient than comparable LCD printers with 40 times higher UV light utilization rate. This product is with high optical characteristics, high UV light utilization, and high detail reduction, ensuring more delicate printing details and accuracy.

 Photon Ultra


Not only does it reach a revolutionary breakthrough in printing accuracy, Photon Ultra also has outstanding DNA of long life, high efficiency, and low power consumption. DLP light source is more stable and sustainable. Meanwhile, the power consumption is highly reduced compared with LCD screens due to the low heat generation, making its service life reach 20,000+ hours.

Anycubic photon Ultra

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