Anycubic Launches New Kobra (FDM) and Photon M3 (Resin) Ranges of 3D Printers

Anycubic, a 3D printing manufacturer, held a new product launch event on March 27. A series of new 3D printing products including Anycubic Photon M3 equipped with photocuring technology and Anycubic Kobra equipped with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) were published.


At the "Anycubic Universe" product launch, Anycubic first introduced the Anycubic Photon Nex, a photocuring conceptual machine. This super new product looks like a “Star Trek” hibernation pod and incorporates pulsating light flow design to create a futuristic technological aesthetic across the stars. In addition to its impressive appearance, Photon Nex also has an unheard-of ultra-high speed printing module, which increases the maximum printing speed to 1600mm/h, more than 30 times faster than the current mainstream printers. Not only that, but Photon Nex is also equipped with the color printing module for the first time, which makes color printing possible and allows for a truly colorful world. In addition, it is equipped with intelligent exposure technology, which can automatically adjust the light source area according to the print size, so that the energy use efficiency is the highest. At the same time, with the second generation of intelligent feeding system, so that 95% of the excess resin left in the equipment can effectively recover, reduce material waste.

Next product Anycubic has released, is Anycubic Photon M3 series. The technology-type device is designed to cure a liquid resin by selectively projecting a surface light source onto it, in which the quality of the light source plays a decisive role. As the third generation of Anycubic photocuring technology, the Photon M3 series is equipped with a new generation of matrix light source system "Anycubic LighTurbo", bringing higher printing accuracy and faster speed to the whole series.
According to the introduction, this Anycubic new research and development of the light source system has a professional optical structure design, so that the matrix light source UV lamp and lens interval breakthrough to 32-40mm, and can reduce the lens support to the loss of radiant light energy, so as to improve the overall utilization rate of UV light source more than 10%.In addition, the uniformity of the light source is improved to more than 92% through the thickening lens of the nanoscale mold, and the high-precision ball screw and z-axis rail are combined to create extraordinary and delicate printing effects.

The Photon M3 Max is the industry's first 13.6-inch 7K Ultra HD screen with a 298*164*300mm print size, making it the largest desktop-grade photocurable 3D printer on the market. With this new product, the process of 3D printing stitching can be reduced as much as possible, so that the finished product looks more amazing overall effect. In addition, Photon M3 Max is equipped with an intelligent feed system with the new EGT continuous variable level control technology. It can detect the level of liquid in real time, automatically feed when resin is insufficient and automatically stop when it is full, avoiding the risk of printing failure due to cutting off the material.

In addition to the above, Anycubic has also released the Photon M3, the base model of the series. It comes with a 7.6-inch 4K+ black and white exposure screen, so it has the printing size of an entry-level desktop photocurable 3D printer on supermarket shelves. In addition, the contrast ratio of this screen is up to 400:1, which enables strong printing capability. The whole system is equipped with radium engraving printing platform and special scratch-proof film, which makes users have a more comfortable printing experience.

At the same time, the new FDM technology Anycubic Kobra series also come the market. Common machines with this technology on the market can only verify the leveling accuracy by manually adjusting the four-point screw repeatedly. This operation is not only annoying, but also prone to printing failures caused by subtle calibration deviations. Therefore, leveling is regarded as a "block" for novice users. For users' pain points, Vertical Dimension Cube has developed the "Anycubic LeviQ" automatic leveling technology, and applied it to all Anycubic Kobra products.

The Anycubic LeviQ leveling system can detect up to 25 points of the platform through sensors, forming a digital grid between the probe and the platform, and then compensating the platform through optimized algorithms to ensure that the nozzle is always at the same height in the hot bed, so as to achieve zero error printing. This precise automatic leveling technology greatly simplifies the preparation of printing and further guarantees the success rate of printing.

Easy preparation is also an important feature of Anycubic Kobra, which is modular and can be easily assembled in minutes. The Kobra series also uses a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen, which is excellent in color and brightness and more sensitive in operation. The newly developed extruder enables fast response, stable operation and compatible with flexible supplies. In addition, Anycubic is equipped with spring steel and magnetic platform for different types of products in this series. Both of them can easily remove the model after print is cooled. At the same time, the platform also has the characteristics of scratch resistance and rust resistance, which improves the service life.

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